Dot Customized Services

Have you ever added up the costs hidden in your sample and packaging and assembly (P&A) processes?

These charges can get costly­---quick---but our existing partnership allows you to save money and become more efficient with your samples and P&A by leveraging our unique position in the supply chain.

Here's how:


Our easy-to-use online ordering process gets your samples to your desired destination, quickly and efficiently. We can ship to brokers, direct-to-recipient, internationally, or to trade shows from the inventory we already house or separately stored samples. 

Samples Benefits:

  • Save money with our lower shipping rates
  • Access valuable sample tracking and comprehensive reporting
  • Free up warehouse space


Custom kits, shipper displays, repacks. At Dot, we want to make your life easier, so we offer it all! Provide us with your shipper displays, and we will preassemble and deliver on your behalf. We can build your custom kits with multiple SKUs in one box, and our USDA Certified Clean Room will safely handle your raw and exposed products.

P&A Benefits:

  • Save time by using us to preassemble and deliver your displays and custom kits
  • Remove the headache and cost of sourcing a USDA Certified Clean Room
  • Feel secure in leveraging Dot's industry experience and food safety standards

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  • Dot Customized Services

    Have you ever added up the costs hidden in your sample and packaging and assembly (P&A) processes? These charges can get costly, but our existing partnership allows you to save money by utilizing our sample and P&A solutions. Whether it is a one-case sample shipment or the construction and fulfillment of all your shippers and display units, we have a method for reducing your costs and increasing your supply chain efficiencies.

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