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Dot provides food industry manufacturers an efficient pipeline to 4,465 distributors in all channels including food service, retail, vending and ingredients. We specialize in serving less-than-truckload (LTL) customers and help manufacturers reach LTL customers like no one else.

Dot-not the manufacturer-picks up all outbound transportation expenses to the distributor or wholesaler. And because of our national scope, we can help manufacturers successfully launch new products virtually overnight. Dot's sales and customer service reps are known throughout the industry for their professionalism and service. They are experienced at handling all order processing and billing functions to distributors, which reduces manufacturer administrative costs.

Dot also works hard to maintain strong relationships with brokers who influence the purchasing decisions of distributors and operators. Brokers and manufacturer direct reps receive 100% credit in most cases.

Dot Helps
Suppliers By:

  • Increasing market share
  • Profitably serving LTL customers
  • Building strong brands
  • Successfully launching new products
  • Extending sales and marketing teams
  • Reducing expenses

Working with Dot:
A guide for manufacturer
sales representatives

Become a supplier

How to apply

Get your new products in the hands of 4,465 distributors virtually overnight.

While Dot Foods has the largest product offering of any food redistributor, we are always looking to add new manufacturers and expand our offering.

To become a Dot supplier, simply complete the Dot Potential Supplier Form. After we review your form, we will contact you to discuss next steps. Thank you for your interest in Dot Foods.