National Account Operators

We help distributors and manufacturers improve service to national account operators by offering the operators tremendous selection, weekly deliveries to approved distributors, and national coverage.

Improved Product Sourcing

Multi-unit operators can shop our selection of 127,000 SKUs to source new products, increasing sales for all stakeholders.

Our volume and reach are unparalleled in the industry. Because we already sell to 4,465 distributors on a weekly basis, we give multi-unit operators access to over 930 manufacturers and 127,000 items that are available---with no individual product line minimum to their distributors. 

By keeping a consistent flow of products to the distributors, multi-unit operators can get access to the products they need, when they need them.

Limited Time Offer (LTO) Management

Promotions and LTOs are challenging for everyone in the supply chain. Demand is unpredictable. Timeliness-getting product into the right hands at the right time-is critical.

We help supply chain partners manage LTOs efficiently by creating a central location for initial product roll-out, providing one control point for communication, simplifying replenishment to the redistributor, and reducing expenses through consolidation.

Our weekly deliveries allow responsiveness to changes in demand and assume products make it to market quickly when needed. Plus, we reduce the need for distributors to buy in bulk, improving service and minimizing obsolete risk.

Increased Compliance and Standardization

Multi-unit operators rely on distributors to stock the products they need to provide a consistent experience and control costs. Through weekly Dot deliveries, distributors have greater control over their inventory, so they're more likely to have a steady supply of the products operators need. This increases compliance throughout the supply chain and allows for standardization of additional products in the future.

Improved Service

Our program helps distributors improve service levels to multi-unit operators. Through Dot, distributors place orders with short two to four day lead-times and get weekly deliveries on a Dot truck. 


Benefits to Distributors

  • Increased compliance
  • Improved service through weekly deliveries
  • LTO and test market management
  • Improved access to contract items
  • Overall supply chain efficiencies

Benefits to Manufacturers

  • New business opportunities
  • Improved service
  • LTO and test market management
  • Improved compliance
  • Sustainability

Benefits to Operators

  • Increased compliance
  • Increased sourcing options
  • Improved LTO and test management
  • Improved service
  • Established relationships

To learn more, contact Director of National Accounts Eleni Tsaloufis at 636-449-1904.

Innovations 2019

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