National Account Operators

Our unique position in the supply chain has allowed us to create innovative solutions that help everyone, from the manufacturer to distributor to national account operator, enjoy the benefits of our work together.

Circumstances that call for our expertise with national account operators typically occur when restaurants put new or trial items on their menus or hold limited-time promotions on a national or regional scale.

Such promotions generate excitement and good margins for the stores, but they're often a logistical challenge for manufacturers to handle. However-with our nationwide network of distribution centers, ability to break apart and consolidate multi-product loads, and turn things around quickly-we are positioned to handle this business.

"A national account may come to a manufacturer with little lead time and say, 'I'm running this item in a promotion a few weeks from now and I need it at my distributors two weeks from now,'" says Cullen Andrews, Dot's vice president for sales and marketing. "But what happens when, two weeks into the promotion, three of the national chain's distributors have run out of the item and four others aren't selling what they thought they would? Dot's weekly deliveries, no manufacturer minimums, and short lead times mean we can easily reposition inventory and resupply distributors that need inventory."

National account operators also turn to us for help with test management and product sourcing. And with our pantry of 131,000 items to choose from and ability to see items day or night on the Dot Expressway, national account operators can easily find the products that meet their specific menu requirements-and their customers' evolving tastesĀ­.

Today, we do business with more than 500 national account operators in the country-and that number continues to grow every year. To learn more, contact Director of National Accounts Eleni Tsaloufis at 636-449-1904. 

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