Buying Groups

We work closely with and are strong supporters of all the major food industry buying groups. And as such, we understand they help distributors increase sales and expand marketing capabilities, primarily by:

  • Combining the purchasing power of individual distributors to negotiate better prices from manufacturers.
  • Negotiating national marketing programs with manufacturers.
  • Marketing a group label to create brand loyalty.
  • Providing training and professional development on industry and business topics.

Our Top 3 Buying Group Advantages:

EDI: Our advanced technologies allow seamless reporting so manufacturers can pay groups and groups can reconcile manufacturer payments and track distributor sales. Our reporting also allows for accurate recording and the transfer of license fees and payments.

Group Shows:  We enthusiastically attend all group food shows. Our participation gives us great opportunities to meet with our distributor customers and discuss our product lines.

Group Labels:  We carry group private labels to have access to more lines that we can offer our customers---and as a service of good faith.

Buying Group Websites