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    See how Robert and Dorothy Tracy's dream evolved from a station wagon and two rented trucks into the nation's largest food redistributor.

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    Dot's business model creates a win-win for everybody along the food supply chain.

    to Dot Foods.

    Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Dot Foods is the nation's first and largest food redistributor. Delivering nearly 100,000 products in LTL (less-than-truckload) quantities to distributors in all 50 states.

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    Foodservice includes any venue where food is prepared away from home. These include restaurants, multi-unit accounts, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and correctional facilities.

    • No product line minimums
    • Increased inventory turns
    • Consolidated deliveries
    • Short lead times


    Dot's retail business is servicing wholesalers and distributors who in turn service convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchandisers and specialty retailers.

    • No product line minimums
    • Increased inventory turns
    • Consolidated deliveries
    • Short lead times


    The vending channel provides food items at an unattended point of sale through the use of monetarily driven equipment. Dot Foods sells products to the vending distributor, who in turn sells to vending operators who actually load the candy, food and beverages into vending machines.

    • No product line minimums
    • Increased inventory turns
    • Consolidated deliveries
    • Short lead times


    Ingredients were the first products ever offered by Dot Foods. We sell to dairies, bakeries, candy manufacturers, meat processors and other food manufacturers.

    • No product line minimums
    • Increased inventory turns
    • Consolidated deliveries
    • Short lead times

    Dot Employee

    John Bordewick

    Cooler Warehouse Manager, Mt. Sterling, IL

    While this might sound crazy to some, I'm currently in my fourth job since joining Dot less than three years ago. But that's not a bad thing with Dot. The company finds your strongest skills and puts you in the position to succeed.

    Even without a strong transportation background, Dot Transportation helped me get my start and learn the industry as a management trainee. Just over a year later I joined Dot Foods as an operations transfer manager, then warehouse training manager and now cooler warehouse manager.

    With each of these different positions came a new set of challenges, and an opportunity to succeed. Dot appreciates and rewards hard work better than any company I've ever worked for. I work hard, but I've worked hard before with other companies, too. I feel like Dot truly recognizes it.

    That's a huge difference that sets Dot apart from the others.

    Greg Parrish

    Director of Warehousing, Dyersburg, TN

    There were only eight people working in the Georgia warehouse when we launched it in 1998. I remember joking with my general manager, when he said they were hiring more people, by saying, 'Good, so I'll have seniority.' He looked at me like I was crazy back then, but it's amazing how we've grown.

    I'm a pretty ambitious type of person and I accept challenges. With that, Dot has given me the opportunities to succeed. I really like the company because they reward hard work no matter what, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or anything else. I've been able to move from an entry-level, warehouse order selector position to become the warehouse manager at our new DC in Dyersburg, which is a great feeling.

    Culture and family atmosphere are terms you hear thrown around a lot, but I think the Tracy family truly does that. They work hard toward those things, which come with the same dynamics you find in everyday families. You have your disagreements and compromises, but we always move forward.

    Working for a company like that, and one that's continually growing, provides a great sense of comfort and pride.

    Molly Barber

    Human Resources Manager, Liverpool, NY

    My beginning at Dot was a unique one, simply because I joined the company involuntarily. I was part of a company acquired by Dot Foods in the early 2000's. Many times you'll consider something like that to be bad, but it was one of the best things that happened for my career.

    Prior to the Dot acquisition, I worked in order entry, customer service and purchasing. While all of that different experience certainly prepared me for my current position, I wasn't able to reach my goal of working in human resources. I'd always had the degree and interest in HR, and Dot helped make my dream of working in that area a reality.

    Along with my new career opportunity came a new culture at our distribution center. It was more laid back, people were empowered to make decisions, and everyone worked as a team. I really had to get used to thinking on my own and being confident in those decisions.

    Dot has made our DC the place it is today with great people and great opportunities.

    Mike Coleman

    Director of Transportation, Dyersburg, TN

    Before joining Dot, I worked as vice president of sales and engineering for a manufacturing company. Through people I knew that worked at Dot, I learned what type of company it was and it sounded like a place I wanted to work. It's a family owned business and they still run it that way. Even though it's getting larger and larger, you're still treated like family.

    I've been fortunate to hold a number of positions within Dot Transportation. Since I started in 2003, I've been a driver, driver trainer, transportation supervisor and now assistant transportation manager.

    Dot's training and development opportunities always make sure you're recognized for excelling at your job. From the goals system, to the Personal Development Plans, you have a lot of options to improve yourself. When I came to Dot, my goal wasn't to drive forever. I was able to excel and move off of the road and into the office and see how far I can go, which I still am.

    Larry Baca

    Assistant Warehouse Manager, Modesto, CA

    It's great to know that you work for a company that does a great job of evaluating and recognizing talents. Dot gives you the upward mobility to grow in your career the way you want.

    I worked a number of different jobs before joining Dot as a Warehouse Order Selector in 2000. I'd never done any kind of warehouse work before, but I learned quickly as I was promoted to Warehouse Lead after just a year. Three years later I became a Shift Supervisor, where I worked for eight years prior to becoming the Assistant Warehouse Manager. Being able to use Dot's Personal Development Plans (PDP) to find out what my weaknesses are and things I need to work on was a key in being able to grow into more responsibility.

    My schedule isn't a typical Monday-Friday, 8-5 job. If something comes up I've been able to come in early or stay late to make sure everything is taken care of. One of the best parts of my job is the flexibility I have. If my kid has a ballgame, or if I need to drop kids off at school, Dot has been very helpful.

    Keisha Mabry

    Business Analyst, St. Louis, MO

    My bags were packed and I was ready to leave St. Louis before I talked to the people at Dot. I'd just finished a two-year commitment to Teach For America, teaching science to youth in the area, and I was prepared to get on a plane to join my mother in Charlotte before someone in Teach For America put me in contact with Dot about a business analyst position.

    It was difficult living in St. Louis without any of my family here. But, after just a few hours in interviews with the people at Dot, I knew it was a good fit for me. They called back a few weeks later, after checking my references, and offered me the position. I didn't even have a place to live at the time, but I accepted the job.  Everyone kept talking about how much of a family environment it is here and that was so important to me.

    Another thing that really drew me here was everything that I'd heard about how giving and charitable Dot is. I witnessed that through Teach For America because Dot was a supporter of that program. During my interview, they mentioned several other things. I've been able to join the charitable committee and help with a lot of the initiatives for the organizations that Dot gives to. That, along with the family culture, convinced me that I needed to stay in St. Louis and come on board to grow with the company.

    Ben Parnacher

    Assistant Warehouse Manager, Ardmore, OK

    When I first started working at Dot as a warehouse trainer in 2004, some of my managers talked to me about Dot growth and thought a college degree would benefit me. I had gone to school a little bit but wasn't sure of what I wanted to do. That conversation pushed me to get my associate degree, then a bachelor's degree in 2009 and to complete my master's last summer.

    I never thought I'd have a master's degree. But with Dot being flexible between work and school schedules, they made it possible. Their school loan and reimbursement opportunities were definitely a help to ease some of the financial strain. If you commit to developing yourself, then Dot is going to support that commitment and help you get as far as you can go.

    Just as hard work paid off in the classroom, it's done the same at Dot. I joined Dot as a warehouse trainer after four years in distribution with a different company. After three years, I was promoted to warehouse supervisor and then to my current position of assistant warehouse manager four years later.

    I don't know if I would have had the same opportunities with my previous employer. It had a more corporate feel without the flexibility of Dot. It's a much more family environment here. You know more than just one person on your shift.

    Reggie Crume

    National Accounts Manager, St. Louis, MO

    Dot was my second job out of college after working two years at a database marketing company in the automotive industry. I've been with Dot since April of 2005 and the culture here is something completely different than my previous experience. The automotive industry was a very cutthroat place and you have to deal with a lot of egos. You don't seem to have that at Dot. We work as a team, so it's much more of a team atmosphere.

    I am very fortunate of the opportunity that Dot afforded me. Despite not having any experience in foodservice, they saw something in me that told them I could succeed in the industry. I held positions as a retail and foodservice District Sales Manager before being promoted to a Business Development Manager and then to my current position as a National Accounts Manager. It's very motivating knowing that, if you're successful in your current position, it won't go unrecognized. That gives you drive.

    Along with everything else, it's comforting to know you're in a stable environment with a stable company, especially with the economic times of today.

    Marshall Prather

    Spotter Lead, Mt. Sterling, IL

    I started working at Dot back in 1995, and shortly thereafter my brother passed away. At the time, my brother and I farmed over 800 acres of land, and suddenly it was my entire responsibility to take care of the farm. I can remember going to my supervisor, Frank Moore, and him telling me "Go, and when it rains come back to work." That meant a lot to me. Not many companies will do something like that for you.

    Dot's willingness to help me in that situation just shows one of the most important things they offer in a company, job security. As long as you work hard, you never have to worry about losing your job. I've been with Dot now for over 17 years and the company has done nothing but grow. I've seen the dry warehouse grow from two buildings to five and the frozen warehouse from 7 doors to around 80 doors. That's big growth that has been important to not only Mt. Sterling, but to all of the small surrounding communities. Dot helps to keep these communities going.

    Rinda Kieffer

    Human Resources Manager, Cambridge City, IN

    I started my career at Dot Foods in 2007, following a long run in the big-box retail business. After spending 13 years in a work situation where I felt more like a number than a person, I decided it was time for a change. After a bit of research, I knew that Dot was the place that I wanted to work. From videos and testimonials on the Dot website, I was able to see that Dot is a generous company that treated their employees like family. From experience I can tell you that's exactly what you get at Dot.

    I had always heard great things about the company, but that was just scratching the surface. Being able to observe their management, work environment and work in the community first hand has assured me that I made the right decision.

    In the small community I live in, Dot has played an integral part in so many community programs for charity, sports and youth development. The company does the same for each of the distribution centers around the country. It's great to know that your company not only cares about you, but the community you live in as well.

    Julie Zimmerman

    Manager, Occupational Health, Mt. Sterling, IL

    I was born and raised in Adams County, and went to school to be a Registered Nurse before coming to Dot. I’m very aware of headcount in my position. When I started 16 years ago, there were 830 employees and two distribution centers. Today, there are more than 3,400 employees and eight distribution centers.

    Even with that kind of growth Dot has worked very hard to keep a small-company feel. Senior management leads by example, and has high expectations for both themselves and us. I tell people it’s the hardest job you’ll ever work, but the most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

    When I decided to go back and get my Master’s in Business Administration, they made it very easy to get started. I was able to take out a loan for tuition, and Dot reimbursed a portion of it based on my grades.

    The Tracy family means so much to this area. They have a business plan for the community just like their own business, and their efforts are equally sincere. I continue to be amazed by their leadership.

    Adrian Roberson

    Warehouse Trainer, Ardmore, OK

    My career at Dot Foods started in 2007 when they opened up a distribution center in my hometown. I was hired on as an order selector in the warehouse,handling incoming freight and getting pallets ready to go out. Eight months later, I was promoted to warehouse trainer, helping new employees get familiar with the warehouse and equipment. To come in with no experience and work my way up this quickly is a proud accomplishment.

    If you ask around you'll find that my story isn't the exception, it's the rule. Dot works hard to make everybody feel wanted. They want you to succeed. At most companies, there's a disconnect between the top guys and those of us on the floor. At Dot, it's not uncommon to see our CEO John Tracy on the floor, calling to guys by name, asking them about their families. It makes you so proud to work for somebody who cares that much.

    More than a better employee, Dot works to make you a better person. I have two kids, and I'm constantly applying things I learn at work to my everyday life.

    Bal Moundi

    Driver, Modesto, CA

    Born in India, I came to the United States when I was in sixth grade. I’ve been working for Dot Transportation since 2007. I like to tell people I drive a truck, but I’m more than a driver. To our customers, I’m the face of Dot. It’s a responsibility I’m proud to have.

    What I like best about working at Dot is the family atmosphere the Tracys have created at every distribution center. People know each other. Everybody is friendly and excited to be at work. They really take care of us, and not just with benefits and profit sharing. They host appreciation dinners for drivers and their spouses, and they throw a Christmas party complete with presents for the kids – things you just don’t hear about nowadays.

    Last year I had a family issue that upended my schedule. I spoke to my driver manager about it, and they worked around my schedule, and gave me a day off when I needed one. That kind of flexibility is hard to come by. With two boys at home, that means everything.

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