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    Hagel 1891 is a casual restaurant, featuring classic American cuisine with a modern, flavorful twist. Hagel has a staff of around 35 people, is located in Mt. Sterling, Illinois and is owned by Dot Foods. If you are interested in a part-time or full-time position in the restaurant or hospitality industry, Hagel 1891 would like to visit with you.


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  • Host

    Setting a guest's first impression of the restaurant, our hosts greet guests and show them to their seat. If the restaurant has a wait time before seating, it is also the responsibility of the host to keep track of wait times and order of guests.

  • Server

    Our servers must stay current with the restaurant's menu offerings in order to make recommendations to guests. Providing service in a timely manner is key. In general, the server should ensure guests have a great dining experience.

  • Bartender

    Our bartenders are responsible for taking drink orders from both guests and servers. Familiarity with a wide range of beverage options is important, as is the ability to interact with our guests.

  • Dishwasher

    This role will be part of a team responsible for cleanliness and sanitation of glassware, tableware and other materials used in our facilities.

  • Line Cook

    Responsible for accurately preparing food products to the specifications set by our chefs. Plating presentation of meals is also handled in part by our line cooks.


  • Chef

    Our chefs are responsible for cooking food, as well as leading the full kitchen team. Menu planning and pricing will be informed by the chef's input.

  • Sous Chef

    Second in command in the kitchen, the sous chef acts under supervision of the lead chef on duty. Along with the chef, this person is expected to take responsibility for the quality of food produced in the kitchen.

  • Assistant Manager

    Responsible for overseeing the staff, along with the head manager. A person in this role ensures that all employees are performing their duties as expected, including food preparation, service, cleaning and billing. The assistant manager is also often in a position to greet customers and answer their questions.

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