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Dot's Branding & Creative Services team provides a wide range of communications services, including communication:

  • Planning
  • Brand strategy
  • Identity and brand development
  • Print design
  • Web/email design
  • PR
  • Social media marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Environmental graphics
  • Media buying
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Photography


Please email or contact Brand Manager Andrea Saeger at ext. 23097.

Production Schedules

One way you can help ensure a seamless execution of your project is to keep in mind our production timelines. Below are average production estimates.

  • Advertisements (2-5 business days): All print ads placed in newspapers, magazines or other publications.
  • Brochures (2-4 weeks): Two-sided, single-sheet and folded materials for mailing or sales distribution.
  • Email Campaigns (2-4 weeks): Supplier and customer facing email communications or campaigns.
  • Expressway Content (1-3 weeks): All content including images and text for Expressway ads and campaigns.
  • Media Alerts (4-6 weeks): Alerting the media of an upcoming event or initiative.
  • Outdoor Banners and Billboards (10-14 business days): Artwork for production of banners and billboards.
  • Posters, Flyers, Postcards (7-10 business days): Single-sided and double-sided promotional, informational or event-driven materials.
  • Press Releases (7-10 business days): Alerting the media of an initiative, accomplishment or anything related to Dot Foods and DTI.
  • Radio and Television Advertisements (3-6 weeks): All new television or radio commercials for advertising.
  • Web Images/Banners (5-10 days): This includes all banner images for Sign-up-4 and Outlook, web buttons, email and web graphics, etc.

Our production timelines do not include printing time, which varies based on vendor, type of project and the number of changes requested. The industry standard is, on average, two weeks.