What We Do

Redistribution makes a difference to every link in the supply chain, allowing for products to move more efficiently and cost-effectively from the supplier to end-user.

While food industry suppliers are experts at product development, production, and marketing, their transportation systems are only set up to sell full truckloads of their products efficiently.

And in the United States, many of the distributors are not large enough to regularly order from suppliers in truckload quantities, or they can't warehouse large amounts for long periods.

At Dot, we buy full truckloads of product from 1,100 suppliers and consolidate the products in 11 distribution centers (soon to be 12!) across the country. We then resell these products in less-than-truckload (LTL) quantities to distributors on a weekly basis.

Suppliers compensate us for handling distribution of their costly LTL orders, so typically, there isn't an additional cost to the distributor when buying from us.

It's a win-win for everyone along the supply chain. 

Meet Dot Foods

See how Dot Foods removes costs and complexities out of the supply chain, helping to improve service for all parties involved.

The Redistribution Difference

Redistribution creates a win-win-win solution for suppliers, distributors, and operators. Find out how now.

The Benefits of Working With Dot


Broad product offering of 44,000 in-stock items • 2-4 days to delivery date for continental U.S. customers • No individual product line minimums • Reduced inventory and increased turns • Consistent pricing in line with the manufacturer • And so much more!


Reduced LTL expenses, warehouse costs, and administrative expenses • Increased sales to new customers • Product visibility on the Dot Expressway • Enhanced marketing options through Dot Marketing Services • More warehouse and fleet capacity • And so much more!